Для масштабных проекций - прекрасное изображение на бесшовном экране.

Проекции в сверхбольших местах, таких как выставочные залы, конгресс-центры или лекционные залы требуют негабаритных экранов.

Специально разработанный для этой цели, MaxxScreen Panorama может быть изготовлен с шириной до 20 метров и высотой 7 метров в стандартном исполнении с бесшовной проекционной поверхностью.

  • High-quality, sturdy square steel casing, 1 mm sheet steel
  • Casing colour: white, RAL 9010
  • Ceiling installation as standard
  • Wall mounting up to a maximum housing cross section of 20/20 is possible upon request and at an extra charge; kindly consider when placing order
  • Mounting set for suspended ceilings available upon request and at extra cost
  • Maintenance-free robust special gear motor, 230 V, 4-wire connection, incl. thermo protection against overheating
  • Safety thanks to automatic shutdown feature and mechanical fall arrester
  • Maintenance-free special winding shaft, silent and vibration-proof
  • Infinite height-adjustment of the projection surface
  • Includes concealed rotary switch combination (up/stop/down)

The MaxxScreen Panorama fulfills highest demands in security according to DIN 19045.

  • The projection surface is attached to the winding shaft with an ultrastrong multi-component adhesive
  • Construction according to DIN 19045, 1–4
  • Security standards according to DIN 19045/5
  • Maintenance-free tube motor with automatic shutdown feature and overheating protection

Screen surface


  • Front projection, Type D
  • Gain factor approx. 1.2 (DIN 19045)
  • Matt white, on a woven base – seamless
  • Rear side: black, opaque
  • Screen surface Type S is available upon request